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Dermatologically Tested for Your Client's Safety, long lasting color, and Comfort. 100% Gray coverage Since 1973. Innovation and Professional Quality for the health of you hair, 100% Made in Italy

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prestige Italian Hair color
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Prestige Pure Color, Pure shine, and Technology

Our leading dye, the result of 30 years of the most advanced experimentation and research in cosmetics. Color's new dimension! Exciting shades for an absolutely prestigious result. Dermatologically Tested for Your Client's Safety, Effectiveness and Comfort Upgrading your exclusive clients color enhancement experience.


Prestige color's new dimension!
Exciting shades for an absolutely prestigious result.

Prestige hair color is the result of the most advanced cosmetic dermatological research which has made it a unique highly performing professional product for:
Safety Innovation Technology

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Dermatologically Tested

Prestige has undergone dermatological and clinical tests at leading University Institutes. Colorianne Prestige has been applied on 25 subjects of 18 to 65 years of age to evaluate eventual skin reactions, irritation,swelling or itching.


Prestige contains natural Phytofilters obtained from various plants and especially from BaoBab leaves. They assure an effective hair protection from UV and UVB rays exposure and prevent their damaging affects. Conclusions: color appears brighter and lasts longer unaltered, hair fibre is more resistant.


Prestige Hair Color contains Camelia Oil, Luminescine, Q10 Coenzyme in its formula which has an important anti-free radicals function and an effective anti-oxidizing action. Conclusions: hairs aging is delayed and its external aspect notably better. HI-Tech Pigment formula, associates innovative oxidizing colors with some exclusive pigments capable of reflecting light thus enhancing the color applied. Conclusions: hair has greater brightness which gains a livelier, luminous, natural color.


Our mission is to allow professional stylist to reflect their own innermost creativity.

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